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(a.k.a. GOODBOYSHADY) is a multi-cultural visionary with an expertise in branding and visual production. He has worked closely with many high-level clients and on sets ranging in budgets and creative directions throughout his 10-year career as a filmmaker, photographer and creative director. His individual achievements inspired him to found community projects GUSTO35 and NO LOVE OUT WEST where Los Angeles creatives are encouraged to pursue their dreams as passionately as he has. Offering a different and friendly experience, he has discovered, always lends to creative expansion, and he continues to separate from the pack with his unique analog techniques. Xavi’s purpose is to leave a postitive footprint, which has led him to mentor aspiring artists in a variety of fields. His most recent offering is “The Hidden Cloud,” an online course meant to transform his students’ raw potential into tangible production.


Xavi has a wealth of directorial experience. He has worked closely on full album rollouts with all-encompassing deliverables: music videos, album artwork, documentaries, short video canvases, live tour visuals and strategy. He is now a partner and creative director of NoName Recordings. Additional clients include Cameron Dallas, Dru Flecha,  IDK, Malik Moses, Shady Blu, YG and Warner Music Group. 


Welcome to our generation’s 35mm film photography company. Based in Venice, California, GUSTO35 creates one-of-a-kind double exposure film, and then we develop, scan and digitize your photos for you. Our mission is to bridge the gap between analog art and the digital world, while building a community that supports one another in turning meaningful experiences in permanent memories.

hidden cloud

This course was created in hopes of giving students the practical information needed to develop their dream career. Being from a small town should never hinder your development and aspirations. The Hidden Cloud is meant to have an individual look far past their surroundings and begin to craft their own game plan to success. With a little bit of planning and a bullet list of steps anything is possible.

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No Love Out West is an art-driven collective, but most importantly, we are a family. Los Angeles can be grueling, but we are steadfast in our vision to maintain a creative atmosphere that caters to passion-based in Love—not money. Together, we bring art to life across the board: films, music, fashion, design, photography, curated art partnerships, and more.







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